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Of all of Berlin’s six World Heritage estates, Falkenberg Garden City, built 1913-16, is most strongly influenced by the utopian, holistic thinking of the architectural reform movement. It would have been much larger had the First World War not intervened.

The Garden City was designed as an alternative to the hustle and bustle and anonymity of the industrial metropolis. At Falkenberg, the challenge was to turn the utopias of a culturally open, socially equal community into reality. This was reflected not only in vibrantly colorful buildings and meticulously designed green spaces, but also in community life.

If you want to understand the intellectual tradition of Berlin's World Heritage Site, you need to start here, with the work by Bruno Taut in cooperation with the garden architect Ludwig Lesser – the great-grandfather-in-law of the tourguide ...
Additional information
15 € / per person (red. 10 €), registration requested (minimum number of participants: 10 people, cancellation due to not reaching minimum number of participants or bad weather reserved).

Meeting point: S-Bahn station "Grünau" (S46, S8, S85 + tram + busses), exit: Bruno-Taut-Strasse, on the corner of "extra" supermarket / Janny´s ice parlor


There are curbs and inclines on the tour. These can be overcome by wheelchair users with appropriate assistance.
Participating artists
Bruno Taut
Ludwig Lesser
Heinrich Tessenow