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Starting with Acroate Hadal – a fantasy creature written by Louis Bec that is related to the vampire squid – the Viennese ensemble LUX takes you into the depths of contemporary string quartet literature. In this musical zone, the audience encounters a selection of other imaginary characters: some capricious and brutal, but others also playful and gentle.

In this abyssal habitat there is eternal night. But this night is full of noises, filled with color radiations and tones. »An eternal play of color and tone, a “son et lumière” of extraordinary richness.«

  • Louise Chisson, violin
  • Thomas Wally, violin
  • Nora Romanoff, viola
  • Mara Achleitner, cello

Works by Olga Neuwirth, Dieter Ammann, Matthias S. Krüger, Isabel Mundry, Beat Furrer and Thomas Wally

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