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There was a huge thunderstorm and I had a fever anyway and all the inner feverish wet-ness was knocking against my coat from inside, and of course the rain was knocking from outside. It thundered in and on me, on my whole body.

I was so 24 and people were traipsing past me in Cardiff and at one point ...

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Participating artists
Franz Beil
Tabea Braun
Anna Brotankova
Klaus Dobbrick
Leonie Hahn
Milan Peschel
René Pollesch (Text & Regie)
Anna Viebrock
Martin Wuttke
Johannes Zotz
René Pollesch (Autor/in)
Franz Beil (mit)
Milan Peschel (mit)
Martin Wuttke (mit)
René Pollesch (Text & Regie)
Anna Viebrock (Bühne)
Tabea Braun (Kostüme)
Johannes Zotz (Licht)
Klaus Dobbrick (Ton)
Anna Brotankova (Mitarbeit Bühne)
Leonie Hahn (Dramaturgie)