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The Brazilian-Swiss composer Ricardo Eizirik combines historical interest with advanced digital techniques in his works. He fuses highly heterogeneous styles into an independent music that combines compositional complexity with an almost playful approach and the joy of sound.

Eizirik describes his new project “Adolescência” as a “celebration and (meta) reflection on archetypes of aggression in youth culture and music,” the final version of which will be premiered at the Radialsystem at Ultraschall Berlin.

Eizirik fuses various (pop music) styles into his own, unmistakable sound and thus formulates an artistically and musically independent statement on an urgent social problem.

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Additional information
„Ultraschall Berlin“ ist an event by rbbKultur and Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

Media partners: Exberliner, Rausgegangen, tip Berlin, taz. die tageszeitung.

Ricardo EizirikAdolescência (2023) 70‘für fünf Performer*innen
Participating artists
Hakôn Stene, Jennifer Torrence (Expanded Drum Set)
Carola Schaal (Klarinette und Stimme)
Roberto Maqueda (Synthesizer and Live-Machine)
Francesco Palmieri (E-Gitarre)
Ricardo Eizirik (Live-Elektronik)