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Songs & Stories

Ulla Meinecke has been a fixture in the German music and cultural landscape for over thirty years. She has sold well over a million recordings of her albums, while at the same time delighting her audience in numerous concerts and readings.

Her velvety voice, her poetic language and last but not least her thoughtful and ironic view of everyday things are the basis of her reputation as a singer, poet and author. Her stories are images of the everyday, which pursue the special in an incomparable way. The lyrics of the self-proclaimed "hardcore romantic" are about true love: about its tender beginnings, about small escapes and big dramas.

Look forward to an evening with exciting and humorous insights and musical excursions! Of course, well-known and new hits by Ulla Meinecke will also be heard.
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Ulla Meinecke
Reimar Henschke