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With the author and director Natalia Sharandak

After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, thousands of Ukrainian women refugees came to Berlin. As a born Ukrainian inspired by the acquaintance with two young female filmmakers from Kiev, I came up with the idea to initiate meetings for Ukrainian and Berlin women. This could be the framework for conversations and networking among each other. Own ideas and projects could be presented, lectures could be held and events could be planned - so a broad cultural program could be unfolded.

Skyline Berlin Ukraine
Skyline Berlin Ukraine © visitBerlin

Possible topics:
Women in the history and present of Ukraine, their struggle for equality and LGBTI rights, life and work of Ukrainian women's rights activists, poets and artists, etc.

Everything else can be discussed at the first meeting.

The group is open to all: migrant and local women. All are cordially invited. Dialogue is the way to understanding.
Additional information
BEGiNE – Treffpunkt und Kultur für Frauen e.V.