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A Reading of Prose and Poetry in German and Arabic

On two Saturday evenings (05.11. and 03.12.2022, starting at 18:00), up to 8 authors will read on the literary motif of transition. This timeless motif is more topical than ever: just think of the rapid slide of everyday life into a pandemic state of emergency or, as recently, the sudden turn of peace into war.


The texts of the authors address in a colorful and multi-layered way the basic experience of transition that connects us all: as an experience of migration and/or flight, as growing up, as a cooking and eating process, as a language-playful word-bridge, and much more.

Among others, Sariah Almarzook, Doris Anselm, Isabella Bach, Lamia Baddour, Taghreed Dawas, Maja Das Gupta, Kristina Hauff, Max Kaplan, Slavica Klimkowsky, Alexandra Lüthen, Ulrich Woelk will read.

The moderated evenings will be accompanied by music.

(Program in German and Arabic)

Admission to the events is free of charge.

Organizer:inside: Rudi de Mello / Interkulturanstalten Westend e.V. / Alsaieda e.V.

The reading is made possible within the framework of the project "Open House" by the program "Neustart Kultur - Programm 2" and within the framework of the project "Ulme35 Ausstattung Pandemie Resilient" by the program "Neustart Kultur - Zentren 2". Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

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