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World-renowned architect, author, draughtsman, designer and artist, Álvaro Siza from Porto has in many ways (re)defined contemporary architecture. He set out a path that is both modern and historically rooted, international and site-specific, monumental and self-effacing.

Siza has been honoured with the highest international awards and his work has been exhibited in major museums, leaving his mark all over the globe with buildings of all scales that have influenced the education of generations of architects. One specific typology appeared to have eluded his seventy-year-long career: the tower.

Through Siza's expressive sketches as well as photographs and models, this exhibition showcases the duality of two recently completed towers, which could not be more different despite their strikingly elegant simplicity: the deluxe residential tower of 611 West 56th Street, in the concrete jungle of Manhattan, and the eco-friendly watchtower of Proença-a-Nova, in the evergreen forest of Portugal.

Each one works as a lookout into the wonderful and endless landscapes of New York and Naturtejo, a UNESCO Geopark between Lisbon and Porto. After all, Álvaro Siza's towers are less about height and more about foresight.

The architect's presence is made tangible on the one hand by a life-size "Siza figure" and on the other hand by his chairs and tables designed for the Chinese furniture manufacturer and Aedes Cooperation Partner Camerich, which invite visitors to dwell in the exhibition and will be available for sale when it closes.

In June 2024, Álvaro Siza celebrates his 90th birthday and yet continues to actively participate in the international discourse and design of our shared built environment.

Exhibition period: 27.05. - 05.07.2023

Location: Aedes Architekturforum
Christinenstr. 18-19
10119 Berlin

Opening hours:
Tue - Fri, 11:00 - 18:30 hrs
Sun - Mun, 13:00 - 17:00 hrs
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