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The Brazilian music festival TUPI offers a wide range of events such as concerts, cultural contributions, documentary screenings and lectures. Music is one of the most striking expressions of this multi-layered culture, manifesting itself in different genres such as Brazilian jazz, bossa nova, samba, contemporary music, rap and electronic beats.

Brazilian culture is known worldwide for its diversity and warm atmosphere. It combines influences from the indigenous peoples of South America with cultural elements from Africa and Europe.

The event is scheduled for September 10 in the Zenner beer garden in Treptower Park from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. and is made possible by the financial commitment of Draussenstadt - Call for Action 2023.


  • TULIPA RUIZ - Forest Pop / Jazz - Latin Grammy Winner
  • NEI ZIGMA - Afrofuturistic / Brazilian
  • THAMIRES TANNOUS - Brazilian Grooves
  • MICHI RUZITSCHIKA - Brazilian & World on 7string guitarr
  • SAMBA DE RODA ROOTS - Samba de roda from various Brazilian regions DJ RENATRIX