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Ceremonial unveiling of a sculpture by Karl Menzen (1950-2020) exhibition opening

Many people know the works of the sculptor Karl Menzen because they are usually not in museums, but in public spaces for everyone to see. One of his metal works of art is located at a lofty height on the tower at Kaiserdamm 6a: “Tower top with wings”, another roof sculpture “Beautiful from all sides” at Kurfürstendamm 46/corner of Bleibtreustrasse.

On the occasion of a retrospective of the artist's works two years ago, the Tagesspiegel headlined: “On the Poetry of Geometry”.

Karl Menzen died unexpectedly on November 19, 2020. He found his final resting place in the Old Twelve Apostles Cemetery in Schöneberg. A more than worthy place for the artist, because many important artists and sculptors lie in this cemetery such as Reinhold Begas, Anton von Werner, Ernst Herter, Robert Warthmüller, Friedrich Schröder Sonnenstern, to name just a few.

Lisa Menzen, the artist's widow, donated a sculpture from her husband's estate to the churchyard, which will be placed in the immediate vicinity of his grave. “Transformation Cross” is the name of the 2 meter high steel sculpture created in 2004. On the third anniversary of Menzen's death, the work of art will be ceremoniously unveiled in the churchyard. At the same time, an exhibition will open in the chapel foyer, showing sketches, monotypes and smaller sculptures by the artist.

The supporting program will include an appreciation of Karl Menzen's artistic work by Prof. Dr. Bodo Zelinsky from the University of Cologne. Dr. Martin Steffens from the Britz Cultural Foundation will speak on the topic of “Art in public spaces and Karl Menzen”. Afterwards you will be invited to a reception.

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