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Does it still need someone to explain the world? No. And that's why you can confidently come to Mahoni and watch the world play no role at all for an entire evening. Because where Mahoni takes you, you can reproduce with flamingos and use your feelings as an ingredient in a cake.

Toni Mahoni
Toni Mahoni © Kira Eilenna

It is as if a cozy cabin decides to hug you. Short-sighted people become farsighted, fat people can eat again, depressives have their own toilet. Pictures come up: home and mom, intoxication and love, tears of sausage.

Besides, he sings very beautifully, the mahoni. His voice sounds great. So rough and masculine. But he can also twitter like a nightingale. Or just like a flamingo.

And when he does explain the world, at least it's the truth, because his whole, wild band is there and pays attention.

Benno Mahoni: Guitar / Felix Neumann: Drums & Piano / Martin Stumpf: Bass

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