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The one-man musical full of poetry

For over fifteen years, Tom Nils led a poet's life in the singer-songwriter scene, playing his songs and spending the nights on cabaret stages and in Berlin's dive bars. But then something unique happened: - in the mysterious way in which these things happen - a story was formed from his songs, poems and texts. From small and large turning points, a whole miraculously came together as if it had never been any different.

The result was the “one-man musical” by the song poet Tom Nils, who plays all the characters and songs himself - using only his guitar.

“The Sunken Heart” takes into a bizarre fairytale world, past the gravedigger, to cynical drinkers in a backyard bar with raspberry confectionery on the counter. It goes from the disillusioned captain to the love-struck dreamer straight to the edge of the harbor and then far out into the unknown. The story is told by a poet who, in search of his long-lost heart, finds so much more. But is it Tom Nils’ story that is being told here? Or rather, those of all of us who are always looking for something that no one else can find for us?

“If we condense dreams and deception, there is truth in all stories.” – Tom Nils