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Play-along theater from 4 years

The fairy tale "Tischlein deck dich" by Ludwig Bechstein is about a craftsman whose sons all go on the road one after the other and receive special gifts from their employer in return, which are, however, taken away from the two older sons by a ruse.

Play-along theater is a special form of theater play in which an experienced actress tells a fairy tale while slipping into the various fairy tale characters and roles.

The children experience the great art of acting very closely, namely the role change - which the player performs on stage before their eyes. In the process, they are not only allowed to listen to the fairy tale with rapt attention, but to actively participate. They can call out their thoughts and ideas to the actress on stage, who spontaneously integrates these impulses into the story.

In addition, the children can play along on stage themselves at many points! This creates an interactive and lively theater game between the narrator and the children.

(Program in German)

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