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Special Guest: Anna Depenbusch

The Danish musician, composer and singer-songwriter TINA DICO is finally returning to German stages - in autumn 2023 she will be on tour with her band, in summer she will warm up in our latitudes with a few solo shows.

And to fuel the anticipation of seeing the talented and enchanting Dane again, she announces that she will finally be releasing a new album in time for the tour.

The cinematic, powerful and often elegiac Scandi-Pop in the field of tension between folk and elegant electro not only inspires in her homeland - TINA DICO's fans in Germany are also looking forward to the thirteenth long player. If that's not a lucky number!

Anyone who has ever enjoyed her charismatic performance knows what she is talking about: the petite Dane celebrates her songs powerfully and the personal lyrics with a disarming openness - and the artistic quality is one that is second to none.

The band, which also includes TINA DICO's partner, the Icelandic musician Helgi Jonsson, manages to make the acoustically influenced sound intimate and at the same time huge. A contradiction? Live this contrast quickly dissolves, because the songs of the Danish Grammy winner are of epic beauty and are transformed into a sublime sounding live experience by TINA DICO, the band and their crew with Gravitas.

In the music of the Dane, age-old Scandinavian melodies exist in an exciting co-existence with modern pop arrangements. Full percussion and classic band compositions meet darkly shimmering electronics, which TINA DICO already embodied as a vocalist with the British band Zero 7 like no other voice in the 2000s.

As the English counterpart to Air's hit All I Need, TINA DICO (alongside Sia Furler, among others) sang on the Brits' tracks after moving to London from Denmark - to explore influences other than the hygge cosiness of her homeland - and gained thereby international fame. In her home country, when she was in her early twenties, she was already a respected newcomer, who, however, turned down the smooth path to pop stardom: TINA DICO had released a successful single after her first band experiences at the age of 15 and won competitions, but she was reluctant to let herself be marketed by others and quickly founded her own label Finest Gramophone at the age of 23. Brief heads up: It's the year 2000 and the self-empowerment of artists and, more importantly, female artists is anything but common - TINA is ahead of her time.

DICO releases album after album, hits number 1 in the charts and is a household name in Denmark - their music is loved by a large fan base thanks to their smart mixture of pop accessibility, lyrical claim and undiminished love of experimentation. After "Fastland" from 2018 and the album "Bitte små ryk" published in Danish, there is great excitement as to which path the artist, who lives in Iceland with her family, will now take. 2023 will tell us.

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