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Hello, my name is Till Reiners and the probability that you know me is not that small anymore. So I'm playing my stand up show in your city now. I actually think this information should be enough for a medium-heavy impulse to buy tickets.

But for those who love program announcement texts, here you go:

"My Italy" is the best program I've ever had.

I claim that with every program, but so far it has always been true.

This comedy show is exactly as it sounds - relaxing, savory, a little smug, always with a little wink, sometimes deep but never heavy - like a very large travel backpack filled with cotton candy.

That "my Italy" feeling: When you've had two Aperol Spritzes late in the afternoon in Rome, squint into the rays of light that play around the Colosseum and then realize:

"Shit, someone stole my wallet." You curse the day, the city, life, ask yourself "why me?", are invited by complete strangers for a glass of red wine, get drunk, wake up the next day and realize: your wallet was in your suitcase the whole time. The feeling you get then is exactly the same as you will feel when you come out of the Till Reiners show.


(Program in German)

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