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"In an empty hazel bush,there sit three sparrows, belly to belly...their eyes closed, completely closed,and above it, there it snows, hu!..."(Chr. Morgenstern)And because it is so bitterly cold and the little tummies are growling with hunger, cheeky Hans decides to look for an apartment for the three of them. But this is more difficult than he thought. ... Claudia Maria Franck and her puppets tell the story of how all three of them finally find a sheltered and even decorated home.A Christmas sparrow story for little sparrows 

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Die Drei Spatzen - Lingulino Kindertheater unterwegs
© Claudia Maria Franck

Please note the 2g rule. This means that only people who are fully vaccinated against Corona or have recovered will be allowed access to the event. Please bring the appropriate proof 
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Sepp Maier's 2-room apartment is conditionally barrier-free. The staff is committed to providing as many visitors as possible with uncomplicated access and a pleasant stay. Wheelchair ramp available. Preliminary information and inquiries under 0151 51072076 welcome!
Sepp Maiers 2raumwohnung