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Oliver Rohrbeck, narrator of "Die drei ???" detective Justus Jonas, is touring Germany with sound designer Jörg Klinkenberg with an interactive "Die drei ???" event. Together they take the audience on a journey to the beginnings of the exciting investigations of the three detectives.

Symbolbild GRAFIK Musik
Symbolbild GRAFIK Musik © visitBerlin, Illustration Jim Avignon

The episode "Die drei ??? und der Super-Papagei" is the focus of the evening. Unlike usual, this evening is dedicated to the book version of the story, which has been remastered by Oliver Rohrbeck as a unique live tour.

With the participation of volunteers from the audience, the story will be brought to life partly as a staged reading with background music, partly scenically. Foley artist Jörg Klinkenberg provides the appropriate soundscape and shows the audience live what otherwise remains hidden behind the walls of the radio play studios.

(Program in German)

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