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With the scientist Sabine Kalff, the author Mathias Gatza and the international airport specialist Paul Smith, we want to trace the old and new myths surrounding Tempelhof Airport on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the airport, store them anew in the collective memory and make them legible and tangible in the building and on the airfield.

We would also like to present and discuss with you the initial results of the third THFx memorial workshop on the subject of the myth of flying and the airport. We would like to invite you to bring along your own personal airport myths and experiences and tell us about them over a drink and pretzels.

"The dream of flying" is one of the most quoted mythological headlines of modern times. Since ancient times, the conquest of airspace has been one of the great drivers of ingenuity and a thirst for adventure. The protagonists of the myths of flight are primarily groundbreaking innovations and the early pioneers of testing.

But the interfaces between earth and air can also develop mythical qualities: Airports are such special places when various associative spaces open up within them.

Distinctive, iconographic architecture, special historical connotations, unique events and protagonists, outstanding significance in terms of transport technology, and a prototypical regional development: all of this applies to Tempelhof Airport in a special way.

Reason enough, therefore, to trace the mythical stories and motifs surrounding flying and the airports at THF.

Moderation: Heinz Jirout

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