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Junges DT

Nobody has a plan?! And if so - as it is, it cannot remain, that much is certain! And we have nothing to lose, except our fear!

Arno Declair
Arno Declair Arno Declair

An ensemble of eight young Berliners asks themselves, each other and people around them about their utopias. Convinced that another world is possible - a world without fear, hyper-wealth and patriarchy and everything else that restricts, inhibits and annoys them. On stage, they dare to attempt a positive prediction of the future, argue about whether it makes sense to find the zero point, and invite the audience to exercise the muscle of their imagination.

Change is doable. Even if the ideas aren't new, the adults are skeptical on principle, and the fight for it is exhausting. Because when a critical mass is reached, the tanker of traditional constructs tilts and new thinking becomes possible, reasonable, and ultimately quite easy. And that's what they fight for. Until the piece has a title and their utopias a place.

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Additional information
Director: Sarah Kurze
Participating artists
Sarah Kurze (Regie)
Janja Valjarević (Ausstattung)
Samuel Wiese (Musik)
Maura Meyer (Dramaturgie)
Roman Kuskowski (Video)
Joséphine Lou Falkenstein
Marlene Engberding
Carla Pugnat
Lilli Dezius
Leo Herrmann
Tilman Döbler
Dimitrije Parkitny
Malia Kassin
Deutsches Theater Berlin - Box und Bar
Deutsches Theater Berlin - Box und Bar