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If we want to come into contact with the world, then we have to let ourselves become involved with it. At the same time, we will not be able to give up our human form. Things are needed that will make this transition, this crossing of the border, possible. Oxygen tanks and diving masks, for example, in order to become acquainted with the world under the sea. Ayahuasca and sick buckets, in order to make ourselves receptive to the cosmic powers and spirits of nature. Camouflage and night vision devices so that the animals of the forest will show themselves. A smartphone and the internet in order to discuss things with people from other countries in forums.

We are dependent upon media-based prostheses in order to make our journeys along the borders between cultures, species, comfort zones and the elements. And, when we put on these things, we somehow remain ourselves and yet still change or even become something else. In the theory café, we will investigate these wiggle rooms of transformation. The participants are invited to bring an object of their choice along with them that allows transformative encounters. Clothing for stepping into another role. A book that can be dived into. A perfume that attracts other people like magic and guarantees a series of acquaintanceships. The bicycle bell that stands for the big, life-changing bicycle trip back in the summer of 1999. Cables and carabiners for mountain climbing. The magnifying glass that one used as a child to take a detailed look at insects.

The exchange of personal experiences is followed by brief readings and discussions of texts that provide a theoretical framework for these experiences. Enriched by our joint discussion, the performance Eutopia  can be attended following this event, where the topics we have reflected upon will be echoed.  

The theory café is an interactive format; participation without interaction is not possible.

(Program in German)
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By and with Beate Absalon, Sebastian Köthe