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Musical table confections, delicacies that please the ears, lovingly prepared and served in an amusing way by the Trio Sanssouci, invite you to an entertaining concert.

Sohee Oh (flute), Sigrun Meny-Petruck (oboe), Hans-Jürgen Thoma (harpsichord)

The Trio Sanssouci, founded in 1993, has now existed for 30 years and impresses with confident playing virtuosity and humorous comments on the era, zeitgeist, work and composer. Around 1,650 concerts in Germany and neighboring countries, preferably in Scandinavia, CD and radio recordings as well as recordings on the Arte and 3sat stations are evidence of the great joy of playing.

The trio focuses on the music of the so-called "Berlin School" and the music of Carl Theodor's time, the "Mannheim School". An attractive addition are the programs with the juxtaposition of old and new music.

Admission free, donation welcome
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