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Zermatt, April 7, 2018. Billionaire Karl-Erivan Haub disappears under mysterious circumstances while skiing in the Swiss Alps. He didn't leave a single trace behind when he disappeared and many questions remain unanswered to this day: Was it really a tragic accident?

Or is the highly trained extreme athlete still alive? Investigative journalist Liv von Boetticher has researched the case for years and was able to view highly confidential files. They show: Karl-Erivan Haub could still be alive – in Russia. Was Haub really involved in dubious transactions there? Why should he go into hiding in Russia? Why did the FBI and CIA have Haub on their radar? And what does Russian intelligence have to do with the whole thing?

Together with host Tom Ehrhardt, Liv von Boetticher once again delves deeply into her research and tells the story of a man who seemingly disappeared without a trace and left behind a web of secrets that still leads to intense discussions and speculation today. In the Podimo podcast “The Tengelmann Files – A Billionaire Disappears” Liv and Tom let the most important actors in the case have their say and place the research results in the larger context.

The makers present the podcast at the German Spy Museum and provide insights into their research. The podcast is based on an almost unbelievable book about the mysterious disappearance of an entrepreneur from the German business elite. It is now available in the museum shop.


Editorial staff of Podimo Germany MODERATION Liv von Boetticher, author

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