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Being loud is always a bit unpleasant, especially as a woman. It's easy to be labeled "hysterical" or "dramatic. But these are not just terms used by men - women also use them to degrade other women: "I'm not like the others" or "Men are simply much less dramatic" are just a fraction of the phrases you still hear even in 2022. But what is the actual reason for this?

Tara-Louise Wittwer
Tara-Louise Wittwer © Robert Paul Kothe

In her new book, cultural scientist and successful influencer Tara-Louise Wittwer addresses the obvious and subliminal devaluation of femininity. She reveals that not only men act misogynously - that is, in a misogynistic way - but also women among themselves. Growing up and being constantly conditioned in patriarchal structures has solidified misogyny in our minds. The activist relentlessly questions her own behavior patterns and those of others. She reflects on her role as a woman in society - between condemnation and condemnation - and shows ways in which we as women (and men!) can deal with each other in solidarity.

An event by Literatur LIVE in cooperation with Eden Books and the Thalia bookstore.

(Program in German)
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