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"Matured like a good wine" - is how Tango-Magazin describes Miguel Levin, a "theatrical artist" who is able to elicit the emotions, humour and lascivious sensuality from his tangos and chansons like no other.

Levin, born and raised in Buenos Aires, where his Jewish father had fled from Berlin in 1938, trained as an actor there and was so strongly influenced by the old Argentinian musicians that he now says that his home is not Argentina, but the tango.

However, Miguel Levin has also developed a taste for German and European chansons in his adopted home of Berlin. And so we will experience a brilliant feast for the ears and eyes full of melancholy, drama, coquetry and gallows humour, with songs by Brecht, Piazzolla, Weill, Ferrer, Knef, Granda, Hollaender, Balz and Castillo, among others, masterfully accompanied by Marcelo Royo on the piano.
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