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From graffiti to battles to concerts on Germany's biggest stages: Takt23 is no longer an insider tip.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: TAKT32 & FRIENDS
© Finn Beek

The young Berliner has been in the music business for more than a decade. His name has become even bigger due to the countless songs he has written for various well-known artists in the rap and pop scene over the last few years.
Takt23 is one of the best known and most successful songwriters in Germany.

Also in the live business Takt32 is not an unknown quantity. Full of energy, he played shows at splash!, Out4Fame and other festivals. In 2019 Takt32 was on the road for the first time on solo tour and perfomte in several cities in Germany. Subsequently, the album "Demut & Größenwahn" was released.

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