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Prince Siegfried is celebrating his birthday in the castle park. His mother reminds him that he must choose a bride at the court ball. Siegfried is not yet ready to decide and, seized by melancholy, he leaves the party. Close to the castle, a swan girl appears dancing in the moonlight. The prince is enchanted by the graceful figure. Her name is Odette. She is a princess whom the sorcerer Red Beard has transformed into a swan and holds captive on the lake together with other girls. Only the one who really loves her can release her from the spell. Odette and the prince fall in love and swear eternal fidelity to each other.

Schloss Sanssouci
Schloss Sanssouci © SPSG, Foto: H.Ch.Krass

Red Beard, who observes the events, wants to destroy the love of the two and appears at the palace on the day of the court ball with his daughter Odile. Odile is Odette's spitting image, no less beautiful and seductive, but with dark intentions. She is to seduce Siegfried so that he will break his vow of eternal love to Odette. Odile beguiles him and Sigfried finally asks for her hand. Full of triumph, Redbeard and Odile leave the feast, while the prince recognizes the deception and runs in despair to Swan Lake.

When he arrives at the lake, he asks Odette for forgiveness. She forgives him, but Red Beard sends a great wave that threatens to drown Siegfried. Fortunately, he manages to kill Rotbart in battle. At the moment when Rotbart dies, the swan girl turns into a princess again.

With dancers from Ballet Blanc and soloists from Stanislavsky Theater Moscow.

Music by Piotr Illjitsch Tschaikowski

Choreography: Marius Petipa

Event without intermission and in compliance with the current Corona hygiene rules

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