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Dirk Rave, Chanson-Nette and Henry Nandzik take their audience into Hollaender's world. They present his great life's work as we don't know it yet - partly in polyphonic style in the style of the Comedian Harmonists, with new musical arrangements by Dirk Rave for the accordion.

Not Gaga, no, a bit of Dada - with lesser-known songs about child prodigies, princesses, night ghosts or hysterical goats. But, of course, also with evergreens like Marlene's “I'm prepared for love from head to toe”.

Friedrich Hollaender recorded the quiet and loud sounds of his time with imagination and sensitivity. He created classics that are still politically relevant today. With his art he fought against hatred and violence. The National Socialists persecuted him because of his political views and because he was Jewish. In 1933 he fled to Hollywood via Paris.

In 1955 he returned to Germany. The big little Friedrich, as Charlie Chaplin affectionately called him, made cabaret great as a special genre. With sweet and stupid - and without a wallet and this irresistible trio, Friedrich Hollaender's art comes to life again.