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New exhibition at the Alice-Kindermuesum

6-year-old Susi had to hide from the Nazis in 1942. She survived because people helped her and her family.

In der Ausstellung "Susi und wir"
In der Ausstellung "Susi und wir" © Stefan Ostermeyer

Actress Iris Berben leads as a narrator through fragments of the authentic story of Susanne "Susi" Collm.

The multimedia exhibition is linked to contemporary questions that make you think: Look or look away? The decision is up to everyone. 

Daily (except Mondays), from 10 years, at FEZ/Alice-Kindermuseum

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Additional information
Opening hours & tickets
Sat 7 May 2022 until Wed 12 July 2023

Museum ticket: € 6,50 p.p.
Families from 2 persons: € 5,- p.p.
recommended from 10 years

Sat/ Sun/ Holiday for families and groups
12 - 18

Tue- Thu for students and groups
9:30-11:30 | 12:30-14:30