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All people need care. Without care, children cannot grow up, the sick cannot get well, the elderly cannot grow old. Care keeps society running. But why is care often neglected as a value?

SUSANNE MIERAU Dorothea Vesper

In her new book, bestselling author Susanne Mierau writes about the importance of caring. Without children, no one would pay our pensions later; the elderly have built our prosperity. And yet both groups are often seen as disruptive creatures, educators and nurses are not paid enough.

Many guidebooks explain to parents how to raise children better, how to reconcile family and job - but Mierau makes it clear that this is not the point: politics, business and society must find a new attitude, fundamentally change the structures. In a blazing, warm-hearted and solution-oriented plea, she shows what needs to change so that this country does not destroy its own foundations.

"Caring for Each Other" will be published by Rowohlt Verlag on May 16, 2023.

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