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Tapas are known worldwide and stand for enjoyable joie de vivre. Nevertheless, Spanish cuisine offers so much more besides these small delicacies - but one thing remains constant: the high-quality ingredients. The team around chef de cuisine Florian Peters brings the best of sun-drenched Spain to Berlin with a Spanish evening. Not only the popular holiday regions of Andalusia and Catalonia are explored from a culinary point of view, but also the rural regions of Castile and La Rioja.

The welcome snacks already show the variety of Spanish cuisine: from green olives and manchego cubes, the typical sheep's cheese from Castile-La Mancha, to a variation of the classic "Mar y Montaña" with veal tartare, lemon mayonnaise, crispy capers and dwarf parsley and fine vintage sardines on white bread - a colorful start.

At the live stations, guests have the opportunity to sample a wide range of specialties, ranging from seafood to inland. Here wafer-thin Jamón Ibérico is cut live from the piece and traditionally served with white bread and olive oil. There's caramelized goat's cheese with rosemary and honey, pickled aubergines with date cream and parsley-salt-lemon gremolata, a Mediterranean pulpo ragout in tomato sauce with fresh oregano, artichokes, capers, Kalamata olives and fresh olive bread.

Another highlight is a skin-fried sea bass centerpiece in a crustacean broth with pimientos de padrón, puree and a salad of mussels and calamaretti. In addition, grilled king prawns with garlic oil, patatas bravas, chilli mayonnaise and piquillo chutney as well as grilled Iberico pluma with chorizo granules, potato and pea tortilla and braised peppers are served. The grand finale is the signature flan de huevo, a Spanish caramel pudding gently oven cooked and served at The CORD with pickled sherry plums and sangria butter ice cream.

If the weather in Berlin plays along, the spacious terrace of the restaurant is available. As always, guests have the opportunity to ask the team at the stations for grilling tips or how to prepare side dishes.
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