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On August 12, 2022, we will present the latest edition of our summer program, Summer of Music: IV, with the stellar participation of Argenis Brito who will delight us with spatialized versions of legendary chilean singer-songwriter and socialist political activist Victor Jara, both as live and as a sound installation.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Summer of Music - Vol IV: Season Finale
© MONOM Studios

Latin, hot-blooded and with decidedly tropical tendencies, Argenis promises an experience full of emotions, Latin American nostalgia mixed with a powerful contemporary sound that will envelop the attendees in a magnetic embodied listening experience. Think Mambotur, Señor Coconut, Los Refrescos and many other rum-fueled collaborations held within the confines of slick studios. These are our main character's playgrounds. Those playgrounds have long since extended beyond the recording sessions and into some of the world’s greatest DJ booths—from Europe to Asia and all of the Americas. Our storied musician and entertainer consider himself on a never-ending quest to learn and enchant in equal parts. Which means this story never ends, but is destined always “to be continued…”  

Before each session, we will continue to feature a Recalibration by Soundworks to tune in your senses. This moment will serve to sharpen our attention and in particular our ability to listen more deeply, to listen with the whole body. Also, during every session will be complemented by a 4DSOUND installation by William Russell Human / Nature / Machine is a live performance, performed by William Russell using the piano, the performance environment and various material objects as instruments to control the sonic dynamics of natural phenomena. A duet between human and nature, exploring human nature ,this symphonic and kaleidoscopic exploration, places the listener in an augmented sonic reality, of music and environment mixed together as one through the machine that is the 4DSOUND system.  

The evening will end with an after party in the Monom Lounge. We will connect the Nexo Sound System with the 4DSOUND studio generating 2 experiences, the dance floor for those who want to shake their bodies after the spatial sound experience and an ambient - psychedelic experience in the studio where the sounds generated by the dj will be deconstructed and then reimagined. Soon we will announce who will be behind the turntables.

Funkhaus Berlin