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Together with nature experts, you will go on a varied discovery tour through the Natur Park Südgelände - an old railway station site that has become a biodiversity treasure in the middle of the city.

On their journey, the young explorers solve a variety of tasks and exciting puzzles about railway technology and the unique flora and fauna of the former railway site. Observing, collecting, solving puzzles, painting and mapping: the specially developed discovery booklet leads to exciting stations, such as the steam locomotive, railway turntable or water tower.

For children from 9 years accompanied by an adult.

26.07 / 03.08 / 10.08 / 17.08 / 24.08
10 a.m. – 12 p.m

Maximum number of participants:
10 children plus companion

The holiday special is included in the park entrance fee.
Regular park admission €1.00 (from 14 years).

Meeting point:
At the water tower

Registration required

The rally booklet, which was developed together with the educational association Pindactica e.V., can also be ordered directly as a class set

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