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Shortly before the start of the summer vacations, the students of the cooperating schools of Tanz ist KLASSE! have the opportunity to get a taste of the stage. Over the course of a school year, they have been working on a dance theater piece under the guidance of dance teachers from the education program of the Staatsballett Berlin, which they will present on the big stage of the Deutsche Oper Berlin.

Thus, this piece not only forms a transition from the school to the vacation season, but also deals with precisely this theme in the choreographies. Over the course of a school year, the students became self-creators who developed their own choreographies on the theme of "transition" in order to change their perspective - until now, they have always stood on the other side of the curtain, watching.
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Each stumble marks a transition from one state of consciousness to the next. We cross borders every day and thus create transitions between situations that currently occupy us. The students of Lemgo Elementary School, Nürtingen Elementary School, Grunewald Elementary School and Charlie Chaplin Elementary School asked themselves what these transitions could be and developed their own dances under the guidance of dance teachers Elinor Jagodnik, Kathlyn Pope, Bettina Thiel and Stefan Witzel.The collection of ideas of some of the students on the conceptuality became three-dimensional dance sequences, others dealt with the heroic aspects of a border crossing or with the fluid transitions between play and quarrel, war and peace. And what transitions are hidden in Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland"?Young and old alike can take part in a fabulous journey and make their own transition from reality to the fictional and incredible world of a dance performance. Be there when the children and young people open the doors to their imaginary worlds. open the doors to their imaginary worlds - and amaze the audience!