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Werner Herzog - Film Series

The street musician, played by Bruno S., who performs in backyards in Berlin after his release from prison, seeks to escape the constraints - and the rejections - by deciding to emigrate to America with his girlfriend Eva and his neighbor Mr. Scheitz. Only at first does this seem to go well.

Blick in die Ausstellung Werner Herzog
Blick in die Ausstellung Werner Herzog © Marian Stefanowski, Deutsche Kinemathek

The law of money catches up with them here, too. Bruno hijacks a cable car that moves up and down in endless circles, while down at the station the car burns out and chickens perform an incessant dance in a kind of animal peep show.

BRD 1977, Director: Werner Herzog

115 minutes / 35mm / OmE

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Price: €8.50
Kino Arsenal im Filmhaus (Sony-Center)