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Exhibition at the Museum für Kommunikation Berlin

"I don't want to argue." It's a phrase we've all heard or said at one time or another. But arguing is part of human communication. We encounter it every day: in the media, in political or social debates, in the family or in relationships. Strife is important: it gives us the chance to understand each other, to exchange ideas and to get closer.

Museum für Kommunikation von außen
Museum für Kommunikation von außen © Museum für Kommunikation, Foto Michael Erhart

The exhibition STREIT. An Approach at the Museum of Communication Berlin looks at the developments, challenges and relevance of "dispute" from historical, communicative, political and personal perspectives.

In doing so, it approaches the essence of dispute and promotes a competence that is indispensable for successful coexistence and a democratic society.

STREIT. An approach is accompanied by an extensive mediation offer as well as supporting program - including an interdisciplinary event series on the thematic spaces of the exhibition.
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