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Dark A Cappella – Dark music without instruments. The band STIMMGEWALT, which has made a name for itself on stage for a decade, is defining a brand new, diverse genre at the end of 2023 with the release of its first studio album Eskhatophonia. With seven female and five male singers, unexplored worlds of sound are created, the facets of which can be rediscovered in every single song. The dark side of polyphonic singing is thus achieved perfectly: an unforgettable listening experience.

Dark soundscapes, operatic drama, energetic guitars, soulful strings, a powerful soprano and a lot of joy in playing characterize the symphonic metal formation MOLLLUST. In a ball gown and frock coat, she presents her special mix of classic and metal.

The multi-layered soundscapes and theatrical elements, together with the often socially critical texts that are in tune with the times, form a rousing work of art in which the two charismatic front personalities duel on stage again and again in a competition seasoned with black humor.