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Virtuoso and spectacularly funny: Films by Buster Keaton and Stan & Olli with live film music by Stephan Graf v. Bothmer on the wing.

Buster Keaton is the man with the sad look. Pushed around, abandoned, overrun. Wedged into technical gears to which he is hopelessly at the mercy, in the middle of collapsing houses, floating over the abyss, fighting against herds of cows, he defiantly raises his head, takes off his little hat, and masters the catastrophes of this world stoically and seemingly casually.
In order to win the heart of a young lady in "Cops", Buster Keaton, in his role as a young man, must first become a successful businessman at her request. Of course there are obstacles...

"Liberty" is one of the most breathtaking Laurel and Hardy films, as the two of them engage in daring antics as construction workers on the scaffolding of a skyscraper.
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