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RAMMSTEIN has created a worldwide unique genre with brute sound, rough attitude and playing with fire. The shows are explosive productions and brilliant overall experiences. RAMMSTEIN has broken all records with their current stadium shows. The band is more up-to-date than ever.

Now one may well ask oneself whether such a gigantic concept can also be realized beyond the stadiums without it degenerating into a RAMMSTEIN knock-off on a small flame. The answer is: STAHLZEIT can!

STAHLZEIT pays tribute to the originals with a gigantic new show and bows down to the work of art RAMMSTEIN. STAHLZEIT is rightly considered the number 1 tribute show. With enormous effort, the band has been creating shows of superlatives for almost 15 years. A team of about 30 people travels with 2 nightliners and several trucks through Europe.

STAHLZEIT live and breathe to the beat of the musical brute heartbeat. Through their veins flows the insatiable urge to create new dimensions on stage that flirt with the limits of the imaginable. The pyro show is implemented so uncompromisingly and spectacularly that you can feel the heat of STAHLZEIT to the furthest seats. Sweat, fire and this unique energy drives the visitors during the approximately two and a half hour show through marrow and leg. Nowhere else can the spirit of RAMMSTEIN be experienced so closely.

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