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Action of Solidarity for the imprisoned artists Sveta and Zhenya

The heroines of the play are Russian women recruited by terrorists through social networks under the pretext of romantic relationships and marriage, first they left Russia and joined the terrorists in SAR, then were detained and found themselves on trial, charged for being involved in terrorism. Documentary interviews and court records are intertwined in the play with the plot of one of the traditional Russian fairy tales.

For this particular play and the following-up performance made in 2020, two artists are currently in pre-trial detention center in Russia, as they are accused of «Public calls to carry out terrorist activities, public justification of terrorism or propaganda of terrorism», which involves punishment in the form of imprisonment for up to seven years, when, definitely, both play and performance are carrying a clear anti-terroristic message.

By this artistic event the directors and their teams want to make the oppressions, injustice and political prisoners of the current authoritarian regime more visible to the European community and give a rapid reaction on the situation. Every staged reading is followed up by the open discussion with the audience and the opportunity to send the letters to prisoners.

Language: Englisch

Translated from Russian by Alexander Vartanov

The play wii be read by: Katharina Spiering, Anja Demidova, Juliane Leonie Amberger 

  • Regie: Masha Sapizhak
  • Producer: Oleg Hristolübskiy
  • Sound und Activist: Anastasiia Nasonkina
  • Light: Ksenia Kozhevnikova
  • PR - Irina Posrednikova
  • Assistant, Translator, and Humanist: Nadja Froh
  • PR & Communication: Nika Parkhomovskaia

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Participating artists
Masha Sapizhak (Regie)