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symposium and finissage

The research project "Stadtwende" has made clear the importance of a sustainable and social approach to the old building stock, the role of civic engagement and thus the overall importance of urban development for a society using the example of the GDR and thus from a historical perspective. On the basis of these findings, this symposium is intended to broaden the perspective towards the future.

With a view to current and future fields of action in urban development, a bridge should be built between the civil protests of the time of reunification and today's forms of engagement and protest.

In the event, contemporary witnesses of the urban transition from 1989/1990 will present current or future topics of urban development in the form of theses for discussion. These positions will then be discussed in an open dialogue with symposium participants.


from 2.30 p.m. | Arrive

3 p.m. | Welcome, introduction and moderation
Michael Bräuer and Holger Schmidt

3:15 p.m. | Socio-spatial responsibility Stadtwende
Ulf Heitman

3:45 p.m. | City and living for everyone
Ines Yitnagashaw

4:15 p.m. | Continue building the historic city
Saskia Hueneke

4:45 p.m. | coffee or tea break

5 p.m. | conservation
Alf Furkert

5.30 p.m. | New StadtLand.
Marta Doehler-Behzadi

6 p.m. | Conclusion & summary
Michael Bräuer & Holger Schmidt

6.15 p.m. | Closing event and joint tour of the exhibition

(Program in German)
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