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At the annual spring bazaar, the JVA Tegel presents a variety of products from its own businesses. This offer includes, among other things, decorative items, fire bowls, candle holders, small furniture, bird houses, flower arrangements as well as perennials and young plants.

In addition, visitors have the opportunity to find out about the various professions and career opportunities in the Berlin prison system in the square in front of Gate I (Seidelstrasse 39).

The mobile citizens' office of the Reinickendorf district office will also be on site.

Physical well-being is also taken care of - pea stew from the goulash cannon, Bockwurst, Vienna sausages, a selection of non-alcoholic drinks, cakes, cookies, rolls and bread as well as the popular Tegeler "weekend cake" are on offer.

The spring and winter bazaars in the Tegel prison have been held since 2003. The Tegel JVA operates eleven companies as well as external training companies in which the prisoners are employed and trained.