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Friday is SPÄTI-Time at the Humboldt Forum: Talks and music in a relaxed setting. Artists present their concepts, musicians play new pieces, designers present first drafts. SPÄTI is the small stage of the unfinished, of new ideas and unplanned gatherings. In addition, SPÄTI offers a space for exchange on current political topics.

Cultural artefacts are far more than objects, they are a living part of knowledge systems. Ifunanya Madufor is a writer, cultural scientist and current fellow at the Ethnological Museum. In conversation with the artist and curator Temidayo Oyeniran, the focus will be on the spiritual significance of artifacts. Madufor´s research focuses on the spiritual significance of Igbo artefacts in the museum’s collection.

In the Späti, she reflects not only on the cosmos of artefacts, but also on the influence of indigenous African knowledge systems on contemporary Black cultural production and aesthetics.


  • 4.30 p. m. DJ Set
  • 6 p. m. Talk
  • 7 p. m. Get-together with playlist

Ifunanya Madufor is a writer and cultural scientist. Her work has been honoured by various grants and institutional collaborations, such as the “Leaky Archive Fellowship” at the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum in Cologne in 2022 and the “Lui Shimming Art Grant” in 2023. Ifunanya Madufor also received a DAAD grant as a MuseumsLab fellow in 2023 and collaborated with both the Ethnologisches Museum Berlin and the National Museum of Kenya. She is a guest curator at the “Centre for Memories” in Enugu, Nigeria, where she recently organised the exhibition “Odinani: Igbo Spirituality and Cosmology” in collaboration with the “Re-entanglements Project” at SOAS University of London. She received the Goethe-Institut 2021 fellowship “Cosmologies of the South”, which she used to produce a documentary film on the nature of the Igbo cosmological system. As a current research fellow at the Ethnologisches Museum as part of “The Collaborative Museum” (CoMuse) project from January to February 2024, Ifunanya’s investigation focuses on the nuanced exploration of the spiritual meaning and utilitarian functions inherent in the Igbo artefacts in the museum’s collection.

Temidayo Oyeniran is an artist and a transdisciplinary curator focusing on African art. He engages with museum collections and seeks new ways to find and communicate the meanings and stories within them. His artistic work incorporates multi-layered experiences and images based on spirituality and culture.

As part of the DURCHLÜFTEN festival, the Berlin based DJ, author and music lover Ben Olayinka has performed several DJ sets, which got the Schlüterhof dancing. His mission is to constantly send new variations of Afrobeat, disco, house and soul out into the world. Most recently, he teamed up with Cameroonian artist Blick Bassy to present the SPÄTI within the scope of his production BIKUTSI 3000.

- The event will be held  in English.
- Free of charge
- Mechanical Arena in the Foyer
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