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The space. Infinite expanses. The year is 2323. The utopia of a peaceful galaxy has long since become reality. These are the adventures of the Space Queers, whose mission is no less than to save the interstellar “Alliance of Unconditional and Ultimate Diversity”. Because SOMETHING is heading towards Earth that they have not yet encountered and that they do not understand.

On their mission, the Space Queers have to face the question of what diversity actually means in strange, funny, insightful, threatening and empowering situations. “Who are we and how do we want to live together? “ becomes an all-important question, not just for the crew, but for the entire intergalactic community.

Director Paul Spittler, together with eight queer young people and the artistic team, invents a musical sci-fi adventure that takes the concept of heteronormativity to absurdity with humor, glitter and trash.

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Participating artists
Paul Spittler (Autor/in)
Paul Spittler
Marie Albrecht
Giulia Bauer
Dennis Beltchikov
Cutter Constantin Dendl
Rita Schwedler
Jojo Streb
Ali Wessel
Mio Ziegler