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Roots Daughters & David Riley

David Riley is a Berlin-based, lifelong collector of music across various genres. He grew up in Montego Bay, Jamaica and later moved to London, where he worked in the music business for various record companies. He occasionally plays as a DJ in Berlin and is a guest on various radio shows. He also hosts a regular show with Tropical Timewarp on THF Radio. He describes himself as "not a DJ", but rather someone who values the opportunity to share music with people.

Conversation ~ Community ~ Culture w/

Roots Daughters (full set) and David Riley

Doors: 6 p.m.

Talk: 7 p.m.

Sound system on: 8 p.m.

Sound system off: 10 p.m.

chill out until 11 p.m.

Fee: €10 (this is a non-commercial event)

Roots Daughters Soundsystem is a female DJ and sound system collective based in Berlin. tbc.
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