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Peruvian ethno-musicologist Gonzalo Rodriguez is currently working at the Humboldt Forum and discusses the focus of his research with curator Maurice Mengel.

In recent years, Rodriguez has reconstructed several archaeological flutes from the Lambayeque region, which are in the collection of the Ethnologisches Museum in Berlin. He uses these instruments to reconstruct songs and dances that were recorded by ethnographer Hans Heinrich Brüning, which are amongst the oldest sound documents of Peru.

The German engineer, merchant and ethnographer Hans Heinrich Brüning (1848-1928) began his research in Peru in 1875, particularly in the north of the country and in the Lambayeque region. During his travels, he studied the archaeology and languages of the region and photo-documented the live of the local communities.

He recorded several traditional dances such as La Danza de la Pava, Chimu and Los Perritos, which are no longer performed today. Largely unknown in Germany, Brüning’s work is still present in Peru today. A museum in Lambayeque commemorates his work.


4:30 pm: DJ  Set
6 pm: Conversation between Gonzalo Rodriguez and Maurice Mengel
afterwards: DJ Set or playlist

- Free admission
- English
- Mechanical Arena in the Foyer
- Belongs to: SPÄTI

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