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Sophie Scholl is probably the best-known opponent of National Socialism. Together with her brother Hans Scholl and other young people, she was a member of the resistance group "The White Rose" in Munich. Sophie and Hans Scholl distributed leaflets against the Nazi regime at Munich University in February 1943 and were caught and arrested. The young student Sophie is held prisoner in the Wittelsbacher Palais and interrogated - by Robert Mohr, a special Gestapo investigator. A game of cat and mouse begins, in which the two struggle for their respective truths.

In the early 2000s, the original interrogation transcripts of Sophie and Hans Scholl, which were thought to have been lost, were found in Russian archives. Author Fred Breinersdorfer wrote the screenplay on this basis, which was filmed in 2004 as "The Last Days of Sophie Scholl" and nominated for an Oscar. For the first time, he, director Marc Rothemund and their team also carried out extensive research into someone who history had almost forgotten: Robert Mohr, police commissioner and, after the war, lifeguard who, as an experienced interrogator, prepared the sentencing of many people by the Nazi regime of injustice. Sophie Scholl is an important role model as a young woman who stands up to an unjust regime and remains steadfast to the end.

In the follow-up discussion with Nadine Aßmann and Jesse Garon, questions about war, resistance, right-wing agitation and the work of Sophie Scholl and the White Rose will be addressed.

(Language: German)

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