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Political city tour around the "Arab Street" of Berlin (in English)

Gaza Strip in Germany, little Damascus, no-go area: there are many crude associations with Neukölln's Sonnenallee in the German public imaginary. It is worth taking a differentiated look at the street, the western part of which is read as Arabic like hardly any other place in Germany.

Whether bakeries, hairdressers, electronics stores, wedding shops, shisha bars, travel agencies or restaurants: most offer their products and services in Arabic.But how did this street become this bustling, Arab-influenced commercial center? Why did Palestinians, Lebanese or Syrians settle right here at different times? What governmental obstacles did they face in doing so? And what are the current challenges facing Sonnenallee?

Mohammed Ali Chahrour, who knows Sonnenallee inside out, will address these questions during this socio-political tour. In addition, we will touch contentious concepts such as "clan crime", the history of the Rütli school and racism in Neukölln, and possibly visit one or the other shop on Sonnenallee. We end the tour on Weserstraße, which symbolizes the gentrification of Neukölln like no other place.

The meeting point is at 1:00 p.m. in the central courtyard of the Rütli School campus (Rütlistraße).

(Program in English)
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