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Concert on the occasion of the anniversary of her death on November 26th, 2001+++

With this program the two would like to remember Regine Hildebrandt. An attempt to approach an eventful, energetic, self-sacrificing and loving life. Demanding, funny and controversial, she became an identification and symbolic figure of the post-reunification period for many, as a politician and as a person! In 1999 she wrote a letter to her grandchildren.

This reads today - even 22 years after her much too early death - as a maxim and instruction manual for a dignified and fulfilled life combined with the everlasting hope for social coexistence and peace.

While reading the numerous literature about Regine Hildebrandt, Carmen Orlet and Hugo Dietrich repeatedly “stumbled” over isolated stories and anecdotes - these offered many interfaces to the songs that both have been singing for years and have saved from being “forgotten”. The result is a small private “memory concert” - without any claim to completeness, thoughtful and funny, full of astonishing turns of phrase with songs and texts by Brecht, Gundermann, Burger, Mildner and others.

(Program in German)