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Song circles by Robert and Clara Schumann

Michael Geisler (baritone) and Sung-Rim Park (piano) play works by the composer couple Robert and Clara Schumann. The Liederkreis op. 39 (After Eichendorff) by Robert Schumann and the Liederkreis op. 13 (after Heine, Geibel and Rückert) by Clara Schumann (née Wieck) will be heard. In addition, a selection from the Liederkreis op. 37 (after Rückert) written jointly by the artist couple will be heard.

The song cycle op.39 by Robert Schumann is a collection of twelve settings of poems by Joseph von Eichendorff.

The songs from this cycle such as “In der Fremde”, “Mondnacht” and “Spring Night” are very popular. In addition to her concert activities as a piano virtuoso, his wife Clara Schumann composed works for piano solo or for piano and voice. The celebrated pianist was just 21 years old and newly married when she published her first song compositions, the song cycle op. 13. Soon afterwards, the couple had the desire to compose and publish a group of songs together, which they achieved with their op. 37, the settings from Friedrich Rückert's poetry collection “Liebes Frühling”.

Admission is free, but a donation is requested at the exit