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The concert series "Summer in the Park - Free and Outside" presents the diversity of the Berlin music world. Music genres range from classical, jazz, blues, rock, world music and more.

Admission is free.

There is no guarantee of performance in rainy weather.


Sunday, June 11, 6 p.m
LaVida Quartet
Cuban music with European jazz and Afro-Cuban rhythms

Sunday, June 18, 6 p.m
Juanita Lalo
Cumbia, salsa, porro, guajira with elements of jazz, funk and folk

Sunday, June 25, 6 p.m
Between Balkan folk and world jazz

Sunday, July 2, 6 p.m
HU Big Band
Swing, Latin, jazz standards, soul and funk with vocal interludes

Sunday, July 9, 6 p.m
The Priest Sisters
Psychedelic rock, classical music, jazz, swing, Balkan and Eastern European folklore

Sunday, July 16, 6 p.m
Complex arrangements alternating with free improvisations, African rhythms in dialogue with beats and wind instruments

Sunday, July 23, 6 p.m
Cumbia, Latin jazz and boleros

Sunday, July 30, 6 p.m
MFA Kera & Ethnic Heritage feat. Mike Russell
Afro soul, funk and afro jazz

Sunday, August 6, 6 p.m
Bebitin y su Latin Express Social Club
Salsa, Son, Timba

Sunday, August 13, 6 p.m
Luise Bestehorn Trio
Latin style to French bossa to German swing

Sunday, August 20, 6 p.m
Carlos Dalelane & Band
African, funky and jazzy sounds

Sunday, August 28, 6 p.m
Alice Francis
Mix of Neo-Swing, Pop, Hip Hop and Electronic
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